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The Second Global 5G Event [Nov. 8th, 2016]:

AICO is participating in this 5G-PPP event “Enabling the 5G EcoSphere”, November 9th-10th 2016, Rome, Italy, to meet potential project partners and learn about recent developments. Our offer as potential Partner is summarised in the linked PDF file. 

5G Network Services

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Smart Grids

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More efficient energy consumption

  • Energy consumption risen about 30%
  • The biggest energy consumers overtakes of the world the USA in 2010
  • In 2011 80% of the produced electricity came from coal-fired power stations. With the stream production capacity coal has a portion of 67%, the rest is cancelled to water power and to smaller parts on gas and wind.
  • Production can save by application of modern systems more than 30%
  • Where it can be saved, point the Monitoringsystme
  • Independent, mobile monitoring
  • Building monitoring indicates energy sinner
  • Efficiency increase means less energy consumption, less CO2
  • Clean, pure air


M2M tests of Roaming services

It is important in the Today's Mobile Apps economy that customers from mobile suppliers receive a dynamic service. In a world with increasing holiday traffic and decreasing customer loyalty mobile operators must maintain a certain experience quality for consumers of outgoing Roaming services.

In the past tests were often finished by End-to-End-Robots in data centres distributed in the whole world. Indeed, this method has only restricted effectiveness, because these static robots test services always under the equal conditions instead of testing the experience of a real Roaming customer. If travelling New York visits park, Metropolitan museum or Times Square wants to explore those in all probability popular aims like Central and, besides, moves dynamically through the town. With static tests it would be to be understood for a supplier impossibly how the service experience of the visitor is influenced, while he moves from a place on the other hand or stays at a popular place which is not covered by a static robot.


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