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IES - Integrating the Energy System (FFG project N° 853693)
The aim of the IES project is the development of a modular process chain able to assess the interoperability of smart grid components in their communications. Based on a choice of key use cases and standards specifying their common use, a flexible, adaptable, open test environment will be developed. To showcase the capabilities a prototype setup will be tested against selected use cases.

In recognition of some basic similarities the approach developed by the IHE (Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise) is used as archetype. Transferring and adapting the established methods, utilizing inter-sectoral knowledge exchange between health and energy utilities, an open, detailed documented procedure shall result and thereby implement a commonly agreed methodology to asses the conforming use of standards and interoperability recommendations among all the devices contributing to Smart Grids.

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eNNOVATION (FFG project N° 840846)
Innovation potential rising and know-how transfer on technologies and systems for innovative energy management and storage. The pool of 19 partners is coordinated by the FH Burgenland and openly exchanges ideas and findings on potentials and novel approaches.

Smart Energy (FFG project N° 845749)
Competence deepening toward new services efficiently utilizing smart (autonomous) energy subsystems.