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About us


We are hiring:

We grow step by step and are currently hiring a new colleague with good and wide spread programming skills and accompanying IT knowledge to be based at our office in Vienna. Feel free to send us your curriculum vitae and a cover letter detailing the ICT topics you are most interested in.


Work environment:

Being a very small company we trust in our employees, an agile, customer centric organisation, and diversity. No employee represents a single piece in a puzzle only, several roles need to be covered at once. This may seem complex, but improves communication and offers the opportunity to find out where one fits best. Role redundancy is also essential, every employee nedds a back-up while on a business trip or otherwise not available. Less popular task are evenly shared.

The office in Vienna is not posh, but it is convenient, easily reachable from public transport and offers sufficient space and really fast Internet. The IT infrastructure is primarely fitted to role related demands, personal preferences are maximally considered: desktop or laptop, business phone or use private with second SIM card, etc. are discussed and agreed on demand.

Gender and cultural background are assets not issues: Employees are treated the same, evidently considering individual achievements and background. Exceptions are not possible given the small team we are. Diversity is valuable, actually it is very utile for a team so small because our customers also differ widely and have to be handled accordingly.

Working times are in general very flexible, however appointments with customers and teem mates, if appointed well in advance (48 hours plus) and within regular working hours (9-12 and 14-17), have priority. Extra hours are commony compensated by off-times, and can be used to extend weekends and holidays where no prior arranged appointments conflict.