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For the term interoperability (opera ‚work‘ + inter ,between‘) exist different definitions:

  1. Interoperability is the ability of different systems, technologies or organisations to cooperate.
  2. Interoperability is the ability of independent, heterogeneous systems to work together seamlessly by exchanging information in an efficient and usable way without additional (translation/relaying) systems in between.

Interoperability is classified essential in many areas, for example, informatics, telecommunications, and control technology rely on reliable communication among participating systems. Also traffic control and transport systems, military organisations, industrial automation and e-Government services depend on vast interoperability. Decentralising the energy grids control also raises the demand for interoperability among distributed energy systems.

However, interoperability is far more than just using the same file format or the same protocol. It is about using communication means at the right time and for the right task as well.